The research proposal needs to demonstrate your interest in research, your proposed research project and its relationship to Minority Health issues.

Writing Guidelines

  1.  The proposal should be two to five pages.
  2. The font needs to be Times New Roman size 12 or Arial size 11 with 1.5 spacing.

Content Guidelines

  1. Indicate who your Faculty/Mentor is (who will be supervising your research activities).
  2. State the title of your research.
  3. Provide the goal of your research project for this semester (You will have short and long term goals for this research. State what you plan to accomplish this semester).
  4. State the objective of your research. The objective should be a question you attempt to answer which is related to your research title.
  5. Indicate whether IRB approval is needed, in the process of review and waiting for approval, or IRB approval has been obtained. Indicate the type of research (i.e. clinical patient care, clinical non-patient care, basic science laboratory, translational research, or health services research, if other specify).
  6. State the methodology (will your method of data collection involve surveys/questionnaires, experiments, case studies, observation). Indicate whether your research is a concurrent lab experiment, a prospective clinical study, a retrospective chart review, a meta-analysis or other research, if other specify.
  7. Indicate the research design being implemented in your research project.
  8. Indicate if statistics are included and if so, what type.
  9. Outline a working plan from week to week describing what your research activities will be.