About Alumni & Friends

At Howard University College of Pharmacy, we firmly believe that your journey with us doesn't end at graduation; it's just the beginning of a lifelong partnership. Our alumni hold a special place in the heart of our college, and they are integral to our mission, values, and continued success. Here's how alumni play a pivotal role in the College of Pharmacy: 

Lifelong Ambassadors: 

Our alumni serve as esteemed ambassadors of the College of Pharmacy, representing the excellence of our institution both locally and internationally. Through their achievements, they showcase the quality of education and the impact of our programs. 

Professional Success Stories: 

Howard University College of Pharmacy alumni are the living testament to the transformative power of our education. Their accomplishments in various healthcare fields and beyond highlight the strength and caliber of the education they received here. 

Industry Leadership: 

Alumni from our College often assume leadership roles in the pharmacy and healthcare industry. They make a significant contribution to advancing the field, shaping policies, and improving healthcare access and outcomes. 

Collaboration and Partnerships: 

The strong bonds formed within the alumni community often lead to professional collaborations and partnerships. Alumni frequently collaborate on research projects, initiatives, and community outreach programs, furthering the impact of our college in the field of pharmacy. 

At Howard University College of Pharmacy, our alumni are not just graduates; they are essential partners in our ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation, and the advancement of pharmaceutical and healthcare sciences. We take immense pride in their accomplishments and are dedicated to fostering a lifelong commitment that benefits both our alumni and the future generations of pharmacists we educate and inspire. 


Casandra Latney

Project Coordinator