Dr. Emmanuel Akala awarded a $618,000 Research Grant from NIH


It is with great pleasure that Howard University College of Pharmacy would like to announce Dr. Emmanuel Akala has been awarded a research grant: 1R16GM145483-01 (Multifunctional Nanotechnology Platform for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Treatment: $618,000). Dr. Akala's laboratory is known for nanoparticles’ targeted delivery of bioactive agents for HER-2 positive breast cancer treatment. He is extremely happy that the current grant award will allow him to do preliminary work to extend his research portfolio to triple negative breast cancer which accounts for approximately 15% of invasive breast cancers and is associated with aggressive tumor biology, poor prognosis, and earlier disease recurrence. Triple negative breast cancer affects young women and African-American and Hispanic women disproportionately and it is often associated with visceral metastases. Dr. Akala is excited that our Laboratory for Nanomedicine, Drug Delivery, and Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Drug Products Design and Development continues to strike a chord at NIH (Recent past (November, 2021, Akala PI: NIH- 3U54MD007597-33S4 (Targeting Lymph Node and Spleen HIV Reservoirs for HIV Cure: $772,500). We are committed to excellent research and have resolved to continue to knock at the doors of Federal (FDA, DoD, NSF, NIH , etc.) and private funding agencies with high quality research grant proposals, bearing in mind that the success rate or probability of success is 15-25% or 0.15-0.25 respectively.