Summer Intern Perspectives: Montrell Taylor, AMCP Foundation/Genentech, Inc. Intern

Montrell Taylor

Published in Oct. 2020

I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by but as I reflect on these last few months, it was rewarding in many ways. I am extremely thankful to for the AMCP Foundation/Genentech, Inc. Evidence for Access Internship opportunity. From the day I virtually arrived in this program I knew I would leave with all the tools necessary to succeed as a leader and future pharmacist. I was involved with numerous aspects of the pharmaceutical industry including managed care, medical affairs, and even health economics.  

During the internship program, I was immersed in the fields of medical affairs. I worked with a sundry of industry experts to complete three separate projects. My first project required me to interpret treatment guidelines for ovarian cancer to assess health care disparities. Twice a month, I participated in meetings with the evidence for access team to provide updates on my review of the guidelines. My second project was focused on examining the differences between clinical trial and real-world populations. Lastly, I analyzed the differences in populations attending health care systems enrolled in the 340B program. Not only was I able to deepen my understanding of clinical guidelines and clinical trial populations, but I was also able to have beneficial experience with health care policy.  

Also, I met a multitude of professionals including other interns, fellows, scientists, pharmacists, physicians, and many more. Everyone was amicable and willing to share their experience with the company with each person making sure I had all of my questions answered. 

I want to personally thank my preceptor Pattie Strong. She has been amazing since day one by always connecting me with leaders in the industry and helping me grow during this entire experience. Along with my preceptor I want to thank Jesse, Donald, Carmen, Rebecca, Ebony, Esprit, Paula, and the rest of the AMCP/Foundation and Genentech Inc. staff for this unforgettable opportunity 

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