National Workforce Diversity Healthcare Pipeline

Mission Statement

The mission of the Howard University National Workforce Diversity Pipeline Program is to deliver excellence, consistency, and continuity in the creation of educational pathways for workforce diversification in STEM, and healthcare fields. This will be achieved through vital curriculum exposure as well as practical experiences, guiding students’ pursuit of their desired careers. 

Vision Statement

The National Workforce Diversity Pipeline Program at Howard University envisions being the leading program in developing diverse professionals within the healthcare/STEM field. HU-NWDP will have a monumental impact on the national efforts to diversify the workforce. We will educate, empower, and expose both parents and students nationally to facilitate student entry into health care /STEM professions.

Our Faculty

The National Workforce Diversity Pipeline Program faculty members are highly diverse and strongly committed to providing excellent service to all students here at Howard University and beyond. They are mission driven, action-oriented, and  dedicated to assisting students as they transition into becoming STEM and healthcare professionals. As dedicated professionals to the field, they serve the students and community, remain current in the field through research, and are leaders throughout the institution and beyond.

Our faculty members are passionate about the NWDP's vision of building pathways in developing a diverse STEM and healthcare workforce.  

Faculty Mentors

The National Workforce Diversity Pipeline program has dedicated faculty mentors from Howard University and other institutions. As professionals in STEM and/or healthcare, our faculty mentors are advocates for participants as they pursue their goal of becoming a STEM and/or healthcare professional.  

Our mentors work to foster professional development, provide guidance and support, and strengthen participants' confidence in pursuing STEM and/or healthcare professions.

Mentoring is a critical component of our programming and ensures that the students we engage in our pipeline programs have the essential support to continue their journeys in STEM and health care careers.

Past Programs

Advanced College Summer Enrichment Program (ACSEP)

The NWDP’s Advanced College Summer Enrichment Program (ACSEP Tier I) is designed to introduce interested freshman and sophomore students to the expectations of the healthcare and STEM fields.

ACSEP Tier I curriculum includes a five day academic schedule  that exposes students to pre-requisite classes that are required for a major in the health care and/or STEM professions. Required workshops and research projects allow students direct hands-on exposure. Twenty undergraduate students who demonstrate an interest in healthcare and/or STEM careers enter into our program.

Health Occupation Program (HOP)

The Health Occupation Program (HOP) and Stem Career Intervention Program (SCIP) are offered through the NWDP to serve as a diversity pipeline in healthcare careers. HOP and SCIP are two 16 week programs for 9th (HOP) and 10th (SCIP) grade high school students who have a specific interest in health professions and/or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (non healthcare related) professions. Students in this program will meet twice a month throughout the academic school year for a career lecture series which includes hands-on activities to engage them in respective health careers. 
There are twenty slots in each programs for students who demonstrate an interest in the health professions or other STEM related fields. The NWDP selection process is competitive. We look for students who demonstrate leadership skills and a high aptitude for science/mathematics and technology. Preference will be given to students who reside in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. For more information, please contact us.

Junior URM Mentoring Program (JUMP)

The Junior URM Mentoring Program (JUMP) is one of the many support programs offered through the NWDP to serve as a diversity pipeline in healthcare and STEM careers. The JUMP program is a one-week summer enrichment program for rising 9th and 10th grade high school students. Thirty high school students, who demonstrate an interest in the areas of science, engineering, technology, math or health professions, will be selected. The NWDP selection process is competitive. In addition to demonstrated leadership skills, students must also have a high aptitude for science/mathematics and technology. Preference will be given to students who reside in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. The JUMP program includes workshops and interactive activities that are designed to expose students to the expectations in healthcare/STEM careers.

From Monday through Friday throughout the one week, students will be involved in  in various workshops, research projects, peer–mentoring tasks, and STEM focus excursions. Some materials and items covered by the program are: course materials (textbooks, pens, pencils, calculators, etc.), laboratory materials, clinical/STEM shadowing, transportation to clinical sites and field trips, and mandatory science focused excursions.

Student Spotlight

Zora Rich is a Spring 2021 Tuskegee University graduate. She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Magna Cum Laude honors. In both 2018 and 2019, Zora participated in the Howard University College of Pharmacy Center of Excellence programs in several capacities. In 2018, Ms. Rich participated as a member of the ACSEP Tier I cohort. In 2019, she engaged with her peers in the ACSEP Tier II program as well as acted as a mentor for high school students through the High School Summer Science Academy. In each case, Zora was exposed to coursework that would reinforce the foundational information necessary to matriculate through an education in any health science field. She also gained several mentors through job shadowing and exposure to various fields in healthcare. Following these experiences, Zora chose to attend Howard University College of Pharmacy as a recipient of the First Year Scholarship. She will begin her new educational journey this fall 2021 with plans to pursue a career as a clinical pharmacist.

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