Our Mission: Preparing Pharmacy Personnel for Tomorrow's World

The PACE Center's primary objective is to expand and strengthen the roles of pharmacists in the international community, public and private sector, and primary health care (PHC) delivery.

The PACE Center strives to achieve this mission through:

  1. Collaborative projects with partner institutions to refine and complement existing pharmacy programs and curricula;
  2. Enhancement courses for pharmacy practitioners and students;
  3. The provision of innovative skills; and
  4. The introduction of methods that utilize the maximum resource potential of pharmacists in PHC delivery.


Activities of the PACE Center include:

  • Provides technical assistance to developing countries to strengthen local training capacity for pharmacists;
  • Conducts research, training, and presents occasional papers on the role of the pharmacists in developing countries;

  • Serves as a technical information resource service;

  • Conducts training activities through certificate programs, continuing education programs, and customized courses; and
  • Tailors interactive training activities through distance learning education opportunities.