The Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) program has been designed to be the culminating experience of a rigorous and demanding course of learning. The highest standards of professionalism in work, attitude, demeanor, dress and language are expected from students participating in this program. Student conduct during these pharmacy practice experiences, and in and around the practice sites, reflects on the student, preceptor and the school and should always be viewed from that perspective. The rigor required by the program should be expected by all students and shared by everyone associated with the program. Students can expect that, except in the direst of circumstances, they will be required to function at the highest levels of the program.

APPE entails eight, 5-week pharmacy practice experiences which occur during the final year of the curriculum. Rotations are divided into 3 courses - Summer, Fall and Spring. Students are required to participate in SIX required experiences:

APPE Medicine
APPE Ambulatory Care
APPE Clinical Specialty
APPE Health Systems
APPE Community
APPE Regulatory/Health Policy

For more information about APPE, please contact Dr. Jamila Jorden at 202-806-9186 or

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Executive Director Experiential Program
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