HUCOP Intl' Africa


HUCOP partners with the University of Ibaden to provide a clinical pharmacy rotation experience in Ibaden, Nigeria. Experienced preceptors from the University are prepared to provide students with learning opportunities on what drug discovery, development and production, and pharmacy practice is like in Nigeria.


Students attend rotation at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital located in the City of Accra. They have the opportunity to learn about and experience clinical pharmacy practice in a limited resource setting. This unique experience teaches students to be creative, open minded, adaptable, and flexible – skills that are vital in the success of their careers.


Students will be in Addis Ababa and have the ability to participate in two settings, clinical pharmacy practice and pharmacy education. Within Addis Ababa University, students will be able to learn about the pharmacy education system in the country. At the hospital, they will get to utilize their clinical knowledge and participate in clinical rounds.

South Africa

The first of two sites located in South Africa is through Howard University Global Initiative South Africa (HUGISA), located in Pretoria. This experience is highly public health focused and students get to exercise their creativity and critical thinking to apply their learned skills to public health projects that benefit large communities and populations in the Southern African region. The opportunity in South Africa is invaluable as students gain hands on experience in how pharmacists can play larger roles in public health initiatives.

The second of two sites located in South Africa is located in Zithulele, a rural village located near the coast of the country. Students have the opportunity to round with pharmacists in a hospital setting and are immersed in infectious disease (particularly HIV) care for those living in this area. This site provides a unique opportunity for students to gain experience working in rural areas and the considerations that pharmacists must take into account when managing medications.


Through grants received by HUGISA, students travel to either Livingstone OR Lusaka to participate in clinical research projects within hospital settings. This experience is a unique mix of public health and clinical pharmacy, providing an once in a lifetime opportunity for students to see how these two fields can work together to create positive impact.