HUCOP Intl' Asia


Student will rotate through multiple clinical services at Shin Kong Wu Hospital, located in Taipei. This unique opportunity will expose students to what clinical pharmacy looks like in a uniquely different culture, and how culture can shape how pharmacy is practiced. Chinese language skills not required, but are of course always helpful.

South Korea

Through a unique partnership with Seoul National University, in Seoul, students will be immersed in a academic research rotation (non-patient care). Their 5 weeks will be spent diving into a research project surrounding quality improvement of medications. Students have the opportunity to learn about medications not approved within the US and to compare/contrast differences in the process between this country and the US.


Students will spend their time at JSS Hospital, one of India’s largest hospitals with 1800 beds, located in Mysore. The hospital offers students clinical experiences in multiple different specialties and teaches them their refined clinical pharmacy processes for serving such a large patient population. Additionally, students learn about JSS College of Pharmacy, one of the only College’s in India that has a ACPE Certified PharmD Curriculum. Students get to visit both school campuses in Mysore and Ooty.


HUCOP has two clinical sites available for students in Thailand, one through a partnership with Siam University and another through a partnership with Songkla University. Both Universities provide students with an opportunity to experience different aspects of clinical pharmacy practice in Thailand from experienced pharmacy faculty preceptors. Students spend their time rotating through different settings to gain an opportunity to learn about what pharmacists do in each of these settings within the country.