Application Phase

  1. Visit the College of Pharmacy website for the Research Time Table and details on the application submission.
  2. Faculty/Mentor and student establish research project and proposal.
  3. The student completes the on-line application for COE research or Merit Based Research and supporting documents.
  4. The student obtains Faculty Recommendations [1 from Faculty/Mentor and 1 from a College of Pharmacy Instructor].
  5. The Research Committee reviews all applications submitted on-line.
  6. The Research Committee selects and contacts those students who will be interviewed.
  7. Selected students participates in the interview with COE Research Lead.
  8. The Research Committee makes final selections.
  9. Students take the on-line research tutorials if no prior research has been conducted.

Research Phase

  1. Students begin their research projects (fall or spring and summer semesters—8 week project)
  2. Students document their research activities through the on-line encounter form.
  3. Students must with their Faculty/Mentor regularly.
  4. The Faculty/Mentor reviews on-line Encounter forms with student and sign the student’s timesheet (every 2 weeks).
  5. Students submit their timesheets to the COE every two weeks with their Faculty/Mentor’s signature.
  6. Students attend scheduled meetings with the COE Research Lead.
  7. After satisfactory evaluation of research progress, completion of all encounter forms, timesheets and final research paper the students receive their stipend payment.

Summary Phase

  1. Towards the end of the semester the student and Faculty/Mentor make the decision to end the research project or continue the project into the next semester.
  2. Students upload their final report electronically using the COE website.
  3. Students present at Research Day.
  4. Students receive their stipend payment after the final report has been submitted.


For more information, please call or contact:

Dr. Mary Maneno
COE Research Lead
Howard University College of Pharmacy
(202) 806-4204


Veronica Bruce

Outreach Coordinator, Center of Excellence
Howard University College of Pharmacy
(202) 806-4213