Former Student Returning Policy

Students who were dismissed due to poor academic standing or ethical and professional infractions will NOT be readmitted.

A former student is any person who matriculated in at least one semester in the Howard University College of Pharmacy (entry-level PharmD or Nontraditional Doctor of Pharmacy program) and at some point during their tenure separated from the College for at least one semester.

Students who voluntarily withdrew from the University may apply to the Dean of the College of Pharmacy for readmission. Neither the application fee nor the enrollment fee will be assessed. Application must be made at least 60 days before the semester in which readmission is sought. Withdrawing pharmacy students, planning to return in the immediate following semester, should contact the Office of Student Affairs for information on readmission procedures. (See Duration of Completion Policy). 


  • A completed and signed Supplemental Application;
  • Petition for Readmission Form
  • Former Student Returning Explanation Statement (minimum 250 words) which sets forth the applicant’s reason(s) for his/her separation from the College of Pharmacy, and subsequent reasons for his/her desire for resumption;
  • An in-person interview may be required;
  • Student must include a detailed plan for successful completion of the pharmacy program.
  • A letter from your current Academic/Student Dean stating you are in good academic, professional and ethical standing
  • Any Additional Supporting Documentation
  • Student must be in compliance with all current Howard University Regulations and requirements, 

Please Note: Readmission is discretionary and is not guaranteed

Revised 01-24-17