Student Organizations

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

The Howard University Student Chapter of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy provides students with the tools and resources to begin a rewarding career in Managed Care Pharmacy. AMCP's goal is to empower its members to serve society by using sound medication management principles and strategies to improve health care for all. The principles of managed are are based upon the use of scientific evidence to achieve healthy outcomes while making the best use of money spent on medications and their management.


American College of Clinical Pharmacy 

The American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) promotes leadership, professional development, research opportunities, and the advancement of clinical pharmacy. As a student, it can be confusing to navigate the many potential pharmacy career paths, and engaging in professional organizations can help you explore these options. ACCP provides the resources to help students navigate their early careers. There are currently over 3,600 student members across 83 student chapters who are taking advantage of the networking, research, volunteer work, and career development resources offered through ACCP student membership. The organization hosts an Annual Conference which houses a Research Challenge and a Clinical Challenge that allows students to travel and compete with other pharmacy schools from around the country, in addition to networking and learning about what it takes to succeed within Clinical Pharmacy. Our student chapter assists in an annual Residency Week where we showcase different aspects of pharmaceutical residency, and how to best position yourself to attain one, and so much more. We encourage you to better your professional experience by becoming one of our student members.

American Pharmacists Association Academy of Students of Pharmacy

The Howard University student branch of the Academy of Students of Pharmacy of the APhA was established in 1972. The principal objective of this organization is to serve as a liaison between the pharmacy student body and the American Pharmacists Association. Members receive professional journals and newsletters and are provided opportunities to participate in projects and meetings of the college branch and of the national organization.


American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) student membership provides students with the tools they need to begin a successful career in senior and long term care. The student chapters are focused on providing information to students on employment, providing information on consultant senior care and long term care, as well as information on starting their own practice.


American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Howard University College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences is in its initial phase of establishing a student chapter for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). This component of the ASHP is known as "ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum". The goals of this association include:

  • Increasing the knowledge of students about careers and trends in pharmacy practice;
  • Improving organizational and leadership skills of students (especially practice-focused);
  • Increasing student involvement in the policy development process of ASHPs and
  • Increasing cooperation among Pharmacy Schools, ASHP affiliates State Chapters, and in addressing the needs of students in the aforementioned areas.



Pharmaceutical publishing is an area of pharmacy that is rarely explored and highly rewarding. A lot of cultures and tradition have survived on ink and paper and this is what we hope to achieve here with the Black Apothecary, survival of our traditions and cultures at Howard University College of Pharmacy and also be a voice amongst students, faculty and the outside world. Newsletter:


Drug Information Association

DIA (founded as the Drug Information Association) was brought to Howard University College of Pharmacy in 2013 and is the only international organization here on campus. DIA's members come together to collaborate and problem-solve, discussing global and local challenges facing the life sciences field in an increasingly more complex and interconnected world. DIA's goal, and our members' hope is for this collaboration to result in better policies, regulations, science, research and development, and ultimately better patient outcomes worldwide.

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Amol Kulkarni and Dr. Simon Wang


Howard University Student Pharmacists Outreach Team

Howard University Student Pharmacists Outreach Team (HUSPOT), founded in 2007, is a dynamic organization made up of student pharmacists dedicated to providing pharmaceutical care to under-served and underprivileged communities. The unique aspect of this dynamic organization is that it is the only one of its kind. HUSPOT was founded and is currently sustained solely for the purpose of giving back. One of the highlights of our service-based agenda is our annual international mission trip in which Howard University pharmacy students along with students from the Howard University Medical School have aided in medical relief efforts in countries such as Nigeria, Haiti, and Ecuador. HUSPOT members understand that it is important to take the legacy, mission, and vision of HUSPOT beyond the four walls of the Howard University College of Pharmacy into our daily lives as student pharmacists and ultimately as practicing pharmacists.


Industry Pharmacists' Organization 

The Howard University-Industry Pharmacists' Organization (IPhO) Chapter was established in 2016. While IPhO is one of the college's newest organizations, the chapter is also the college's most vastly growing organizations. IPhO Student Chapters are dedicated to enhancing student pharmacists' understanding of the pharmaceutical industry by:   

  1. Raising awareness of the roles that industry pharmacists play in drug development, appropriate medication use, and other aspects of the industry 

  2. Creating opportunities for student pharmacists to connect with industry pharmacists

  3. Providing opportunities to participate in industry-focused scholarly activity 

  4. Collaborating with IPhO National to create and distribute industry-focused resources and materials that are targeted to student pharmacists 

  5. Working with IPhO National to create and local pharmacy school faculty/administration to promote access to industry-focused internship and experiential opportunities.


Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

The Alpha Pi Chapter, Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Inc., was established in the College of Pharmacy in 1984. Its objectives are:

  • To unite women students in pharmacy

  • To cooperate with the faculty of the College of Pharmacy where chapters are established;
  • To stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship;
  • To foster a professional consciousness; and
  • To provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest, and friendship among its members



Kappa Psi Fraternity

The Delta Kappa Chapter, Kappa Psi Fraternity, is the oldest and largest pharmaceutical fraternity in the United States. Many of the past and present leaders in pharmacy are members of Kappa Psi. The fraternity seeks and offers membership to men and women who desire to:

  1. Participate in activities that promote and advance the profession of pharmacy;
  2. Develop and maintain pride in the fraternity and the profession of pharmacy; and
  3. Develop and participate in college and community programs.


National Community Pharmacists Association

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) student membership provides students with the tools they need to begin a successful career in independent pharmacy. NCPA is dedicated to the continuing growth and prosperity of independent retail pharmacy in the U.S. The student chapters provide a unique opportunity to learn more about the many rewarding career opportunities available in independent pharmacy. Other benefits of student membership include eligibility for NCPA student loans, scholarships, and free registration at all NCPA national meetings.


Phi Delta Chi Fraternity

Phi Delta Chi is a coeducational multi-cultural national pharmaceutical fraternity formed in 1883 at the University of Michigan. More than 35,000 students have become brothers since that time. The objective of Phi Delta Chi is to advance science through the development of leaders in pharmacy and to foster fraternal spirit among its members. There are 53 active chapters at colleges of pharmacy around the United States and more than 16,000 active and alumni brothers throughout the world. Pharmacy leaders of the past such as Eli Lilly and Hubert Humphrey were brothers of Phi Delta Chi. Many current deans and faculty members are current members of Phi Delta Chi. Certainly, the brothers of today will become the leaders of pharmacy in the future. We hope you will consider joining us.


Phi Lamda Sigma

Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy Leadership Society is a professional organization that recognizes and honors the leadership achievements of Pharmacy students and faculty. The Beta Rho chapter of Phi Lambda Sigma was chartered in May 2001. Second, third and fourth-year students who have demonstrated exemplary leadership to the School, University, and community are eligible for nomination and membership. Currently, Dr. Anthony Wutoh serves as the advisor of this group; Dr. Fredric Lombardo serves as faculty co-advisor for the chapter.


´╗┐´╗┐Howard University Pre-Pharmacy Student Association

The Pre-Professional Pharmacy Association is a pre-health professional student organization of Howard University that was created to expose our members to all aspects of Pharmacy as a career, to equip our club members with the tools and knowledge necessary to be admitted to a pharmacy school and to build lasting relationships that will provide for a mutually uplifting experience. We welcome students from all backgrounds with interests in the pharmaceutical profession. To learn more, click here>>


Rho Chi National Pharmacy Honor Society

Beta Sigma is the Howard University Chapter of the Rho Chi National Pharmacy Honor Society, which was established in the College of Pharmacy in 1960 to promote the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences through the recognition and advancement of sound scholarship. High standards of intellectual and scholarly attainment are required for election to membership in Rho Chi.


Student National Pharmaceutical Association

The Howard University Chapter of the Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPHA) was established in 1972 by two students from Howard University (Sharon Rockmore) and Florida A&M University (John Scrivens). The principal objective of this organization is to provide a forum for minority pharmacists in the communities they serve.

Student Orgs