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Welcome to the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department webpage which serves to introduce the department. Faculty teach courses in the Pharm.D. program and offer instruction to Ph.D. students. The Pharm.D. courses that are taught by department faculty, provide an understanding of the basic pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences relevant to the practice of pharmacy. This occurs mainly within the first 2 years of the program and serves as the foundation for the clinical sciences. Where an interdisciplinary approach is possible, CAPS faculty provide instruction alongside their Clinical Sciences colleagues.

Active learning strategies are used, wherever possible, to engage students effectively, enabling them also to attain a fuller understanding of principles and better retention of information. Hands-on laboratory skills are taught in the compounding laboratory and writing, and calculation skills (numeracy) are developed in students. The exams conducted in the department are a good test of students’ abilities but are also fair. A positive attitude to the profession and the importance of a strong science foundation in the practice of pharmacy are emphasized. The department plays its role to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to deliver contemporary pharmaceutical care. Students will also be equipped to pursue advanced training to become pharmaceutical scientists and/or educators to meet the needs of society and of the country.

Faculty in the department have expertise in medicinal and computational chemistry, natural products, physical pharmacy, pharmaceutical and cosmetic product formulation and development, drug delivery science, biopharmaceuticals, and pharmacokinetics. Research is an important aspect of the department’s work. Students enrolled in the graduate program have access to research facilities that house equipment for cell culture, drug synthesis, drug product formulation, and pharmacokinetic studies. Graduate teaching assistantships are available to qualified students on a competitive basis.

Interested students are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions or to contact me if they have questions specific to this department.

The department continues to strive for excellence in teaching, clinical practice, research, and public service consistent with the strategic mission, initiatives, goals and objectives of the University.


Indiran Pather, D. Pharm. 

Chair & Professor: Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Howard University


Phone: 202-806-6551