HUCOP International and External Programs

Howard University College of Pharmacy (HUCOP) established HUCOP International to ensure our student pharmacists are trained to be global citizens who understand the value of diversity and culture in health care. The program provides structured, bi-directional international pharmacy training opportunities, which include mentoring and hands-on practice experience, for the purpose of positively impacting direct patient care and clinical outcomes both locally and globally. In addition to overseas rotations, many of our distinguished HUCOP faculty lead research in other countries and engage HUCOP student pharmacists in their global research. Our goal is that every single HUCOP graduate has had the opportunity to travel overseas to enhance their educational experience. 

HUCOP International offers students advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs) in 14 countries across five continents. Students are taught by a dynamic group of international pharmacists! To learn more about each of our country sites and what kind of APPE experiences they offer, please see our page about the HUCOP International Student APPE Rotations.


Dr. Grace Jennings


PACE Center