Interprofessional Student Creed

Today, I am a professional student embraced by a community of Howard University scholars who are dedicated to academic excellence.  As I continue my studies within the interprofessional programs here at Howard University, I commit myself to the responsibilities and duties of the health profession and recognizing the privileges and challenges that follow along.

As a future healthcare professional, I pledge to push myself beyond the limits in place and develop skills and knowledge pertinent to my profession daily. I will uphold excellence in all that I do to ensure that my contributions to the classroom are constructive and life-changing. I will maintain academic honesty, and hold myself and my colleagues to high standards every day.

I will respect the beliefs and ideas of others, despite racial, cultural, or socioeconomic differences we may share. I will hold myself accountable for my individual actions and be aware of how my individual actions can impact myself and my communities. As a future healthcare professional, I will support and respect my peers and acknowledge the contributions of all members of the interprofessional healthcare team. I will commit myself to scholarship, academic honesty, and lifelong learning.

From this day forward, I will hold fast to this creed and be of service to the community and mentor those behind me. Today, I hold fast to the Howard University mission and commit myself to be an impactful leader globally through excellence and truth in service.