Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for Howard University College of Pharmacy Fellowship

To be eligible for a Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship at HUCOP, candidates should have graduated with PharmD or PhD, in Pharmaceutical Sciences or related discipline, or will be by the start of the Fellowship. Candidates must hold a degree as of July 1st or the Fellowship term. 


2024 entry application opens on September 15, 2023 

2024 entry application must be completed by November 23, 2023


Application Requirements (Due by 11/23/2023)
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Letter of Intent 
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcript of Pharm.D./PhD coursework 


Letter of Intent (LOI) should include the name of the company and position(s) of interest. For example, Company X and Position X/Howard University. Candidates can be considered for multiple positions and should upload a LOI for each position in the same application on the Workday portal. You will upload all your application documents where you upload your CV in the Workday portal. 


Contact the HUCOP Fellowship Program via email at pharmacy.fellowship@howard.edu