Suzanne Mpacko c/o 2024

Suzanne Mpacko

Student Testimonial

In reflection on my experience at Howard University Hospital for my IPPE II rotation, I have gained timeless knowledge on the pursuit of my career as a pharmacist. Being a three-year experienced pharmacy tech/intern at CVS pharmacy, I had never been pushed outside of my comfort zone to see a different aspect of pharmacy. My IPPE rotation allowed me to see the similarities and differences in the two work settings.
My preceptor being clinical pharmacist in the research unit at HUH helped me broaden my horizons as to what the role and duties of a clinical pharmacist is. I was able to not only be exposed to the general clinical pharmacy routine but also the research aspect of it. During my rotation, I was able to review my clinical knowledge while keeping up to date with drugs in clinical trial phases like lenacapavir. I was also able to familiarize myself with ongoing research for covid boosters. I was given the chance to practice my vaccine skills and knowledge. I was put through the test daily as patients came in with different questions which pushed me to do independent research to be well equipped and knowledgeable enough to counsel them appropriately with supervision. I also had the chance to do things out of the box like IDS cases and SOPs which I had never previously been exposed to. My preceptor provided a comfortable learning environment for me to grow as a future pharmacist. She was very understanding of my knowledge gaps at times and made sure to answer every clinical question I had. While on rotation, I was given the opportunity to review topics from almost every class I have taken at the school of pharmacy including the lab. I also was able to give two presentations which helped tremendously with my communication and presentation skills.
Overall, I gained a holistic knowledge on the career of pharmacy, some of its history, how truly broad the career is and what different types of pharmacists do on a daily basis. I gained knowledge that will stick with me forever and help me build my way into a career.