Dr. Frank Brown Jr. c/o 1970

Frank L. Brown Jr., FCP(E), FACP, is a distinguished graduated of Howard University College of Pharmacy and Yale University School of Medicine. His commitment to his alma mater, Howard University, is evident through his decade-long service on the Howard University College of Pharmacy Board of Visitors. During this period, he developed a team to design a new logo for the Alumni Association, showcasing his dedication to enhancing the identity. 

Beyond academia, Dr. Brown extends his impact into the community, particularly in South Carolina. Here, he established a dedicated team to support individuals transitioning from incarceration. This initiative involves offering clothing, toiletries, and crucial life skills education to facilitate their successful reintegration into society. 

His leadership extends further to the A2AC-365 project, where Dr. Brown takes the helm in recognizing and celebrating the profound contributions of African Americans to American culture. Through these multifaceted efforts, Dr. Frank L. Brown Jr. continues to leave an indelible mark on education, community service, and cultural acknowledgment.