Dr. Verna Brock, c/o 2003

Dr. Verna Brock is a passionate advocate for health and wellness, dedicating her career to guiding and mentoring students in finding their purpose within the realm of pharmacy. Proudly pouring into the lives of those she has mentored, she has successfully navigated students through residency programs, encouraging them to discover their unique paths. 

With a rich background in pharmacy, including serving as Georgetown's pilot resident and years in leadership roles in Maryland and Florida, Verna has consistently engaged with patients at a personal level. Whether at the bedside or in passing, she takes the time to encourage individuals to prioritize their health. 

Currently serving in Pharmacy Leadership at Ascension Saint Agnes Hospital, Verna continues to impact healthcare practices significantly. Her commitment to the pharmacy profession led her to obtain her BCPS certification after completing her residency. However, her journey took a turn when she recognized the need for accessible healthcare information. Frustrated by the trend of people relying on the internet for medical advice, she sought a solution. 

She was discovering her passion for health content writing. Dr. Brock enrolled in a 6-9 month course for health content writing. Recognizing the importance of making healthcare information understandable to everyone, she embarked on a mission to educate and inspire. Her initial target audience was women of color over 50, but she expanded her focus to include men after positive feedback. 

Her writing revolves around everyday issues, often inspired by discussions with friends. The goal is to reach minorities over 50, emphasizing the importance of staying active, exercising, and regular doctor visits. She understands the significance of accessible healthcare advice, especially for people of color. 

In her two years as a health content writer, Verna strives to make people aware of their healthcare options and the necessity of ongoing self-care, regardless of age or background. Her writing serves as a beacon of knowledge, ensuring everyone is entitled to understanding and proactive healthcare, irrespective of their circumstances.