Dr. Wallene Bullard-Battle, c/o 1994

Dr. Wallene Bullard is a Board-Certified Pharmacist and Healthcare Leader with over twenty years of pharmacy practice experience. Dr. Bullard professional career has been both cutting edge and conventional, spanning across multiple areas of pharmacy practice. Her work has focused in health disparities and improving access to quality health care for all. Dr. Bullard currently works as Director, Value Evidence Lead for Novartis. In this role she works with payers, health systems leaders and population health decision makers to collaborate on solutions to improve patient access and outcomes. She is an international healthcare consultant and co-founder of MIME, LLC, a minority, woman-owned boutique health & professional management company in Maryland.

Dr. Bullard is passionate about personal and professional development. Dr. Bullard is a mentor, coach, advocate and champion for pharmacists, students, and other health professionals. From this experience, Dr. Bullard launch the Minority Pharmacist Entrepreneur Conference (MPECrx) in 2020, as a platform to provide visibility for diverse leadership in pharmacy profession by creating, building, and strengthening minority pharmacist entrepreneurs. Over the past five years, MPECrx has helped over 300 minority pharmacists and pharmacy students learn about entrepreneurial opportunities as a pharmacist that span beyond traditional pharmacy practice.

As a healthcare consultant, Dr. Bullard has supported clients such as the Delmarva Foundation Quality Improvement Organization (QIO), Quality of Life independent compounding pharmacy, Healing Our Village, Inc, Healthy Encores, Inc, and other organizations. Dr. Bullard has presented numerous seminars and health programs to professionals and communities at-large, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Bullard has had the privilege to work as a pharmacist expert in the Caribbean, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. Dr. Bullard serves as the immediate past president of the HU Pharmacy Alumni Association and is a trustee board member with the National Pharmaceutical Association Foundation. Dr. Bullard has been recognized for her service and dedication to the profession of pharmacy. She is the recipient of the 2014 Bowl of Hygeia award, from the American Pharmacists Association Foundation, one of the highest honors in the pharmacy profession for service to the community and profession. She also received honors as 2014 Howard University College of Pharmacy Legacy Award.