US Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics


The Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) US Platform is responsible for determining the disposition, safe starting dose and predicted efficacious dose prior to first in human clinical trials. To achieve this DMPK scientists run preclinical in vivo and in vitro experiments to understand the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion properties of drug development candidates as well as developing robust bioanalytical assays that allow for an accurate quantitation of development candidates in biological matrices. DMPK scientists, in conjunction with pharmacology teams, will also design and interpret pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PKPD) studies to understand the relationship between drug concentration and pharmacologic effect and predict efficacious doses.  The DMPK department also provides quantitative support for target selection, biomarker identification and early quantitative read in response following target modulation using various modeling simulation techniques including PK/PD, population mixed-effect modeling, mechanistic modeling, model based meta-analysis and AI/ML. 


To develop skills related to DMPK sciences and contribute to the overall deliverables of the department. 


Objectives to be tailored to candidates' skills/interests but could potentially include: 

  • Designing/conducting/outsourcing in vivo pharmacokinetics and/or in vitro metabolism/drug interaction studies and analyzing, interpreting, and communicating results of these studies 

  • Aiding in the design and execution of PKPD studies and conducting PKPD, and other advanced modeling simulation analyses including AI/ML 

  • Working directly or indirectly with project teams to help advance the preclinical pipeline. 

  • Aiding the department in understanding and interpreting preclinical data to allow for prediction of clinical outcomes. 

Sanofi Component: 

Provide training and mentorship to achieve the above goals and objectives. 

Ideal Candidate: 

  • Highly motivated 

  • Strong organizational and communication skills 

  • PhD in pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, molecular biology, modeling and simulation or other field (e.g., engineering and applied biomathematics) directly applicable to drug development. 

  • Experience with or strong understanding of translating preclinical data and concepts to clinical understanding. 


Location: Cambridge Crossing, MA, Bridgewater, NJ, Washington, D.C. 
Preceptor: Josh Dekeyser and Majid Vakilynejad