HUCOP Surveys

Survey Policies and Procedures

This document presents a general overview of the School’s survey policies and procedures for faculty, staff, students, and alumni, including requests from external individuals or institutions. Rules and responsibilities related to survey set-up and administration, a requirement of IRB approval/exemption, and review of survey results, interpretation of data, and planning are also highlighted.

Survey Request Form (Powered by Qualtrics)

This form is designed by the Office of Academic Assessment of Howard University College of Pharmacy (HUCOP) to provide a mechanism through which requests for supporting survey development, administration, and analysis may be made.

Please make all survey requests at least one month prior to the desired implementation date. Requestors are responsible for seeking approval to conduct a survey from the relevant HUCOP departments and personnel.

Be prepared to share information about the purpose of your survey, mode of survey distribution, the target population for the survey, how the extracted data will be stored, and how the survey data/results will be used.

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