Rare and Neurological Therapeutic Area


The Rare and Neurological Therapeutic Area research group is working on understanding diseases with a large unmet medical need and bringing the next wave of therapies to patients.  We employ cutting edge approaches to try to better elucidate key interventional nodes in diseases like ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. 


Sanofi is seeking a curious and motivated fellow to support ongoing efforts in elucidating novel targets to modulate neuroinflammation in the Rare and Neurological Disease research group. You will help Sanofi understand disease signatures and targets using available in-house and external datasets, as well as experimental approaches. Through the application of these approaches, the aim for the fellow joining is to provide comprehensive training in various aspects of drug discovery and drug development within a fast-paced and friendly environment. 


A key objective for this project is to leverage datasets and expertise that our group has generated across different diseases to identify novel targets in neurodegeneration. These hypotheses will then be tested in both in vitro and in vivo settings to validate the novel targets and identify disease-associated biomarkers. 

Sanofi Component:

The fellow will be exposed to several aspects of drug target and discovery validation in our early research pipeline across multiple diseases and will contribute to project team in later stage development projects like RIPK1, BTK, and aCD40L for MS and ALS.  The goal is to generate a playbook for future reverse translation efforts in the group. 

Ideal Candidate: 

We are looking for a highly qualified and motivated scientist to join the precision neurology and neuroinflammation cluster, focused on discovering, validating, and developing therapies for rare neurologic and neurodegenerative diseases. This position will combine computational analysis of omics and clinical data as well as laboratory work. The ideal candidate will be responsible for working individually and as part of a team to design and execute experiments.  

Location: Cambridge Crossing, MA 
Preceptor: Francesca Rapino