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The Experiential Education at the Howard University College of Pharmacy is the practice component of the pharmacy program curriculum. Its goal is to enhance your attitudes, skills and knowledge through experiential learning to prepare them to provide pharmaceutical care.

What is Experiential Education at the Howard University College of Pharmacy?

Experiential education is a structured learning course that occurs under the supervision of preceptors in a real pharmacy setting outside of the classroom.  This learning opportunity expands upon the classroom education by providing experiences in many contemporary aspects of pharmacy practice. Practice sites include, but are not limited to:

  • community pharmacies
  • hospitals
  • ambulatory care clinics
  • research experiences
  • managed care organizations
  • pharmaceutical industry 
  • leadership/management
  • academia
  • government agencies
  • international pharmacy practice experiences


What is the goal of Experiential Education at the Howard University College of Pharmacy?

To provide you as the student the opportunity to apply your knowledge and develop the skills required to be a practicing pharmacist upon graduation. 


Why is Experiential Education Important?

Not only is experiential education a required portion of the curriculum at the Howard University College of Pharmacy it also provides you the opportunity to:

  1. apply what you have learned in the classroom and in the laboratory to real-world settings
  2. problem solve, develop skills, and provide patient care services
  3. make decisions based on professional knowledge and judgment
  4. interact with diverse patient populations
  5. network and collaborate with established clinical practitioners
What do students say about the experiential education at the Howard University College of Pharmacy?

Please click on the links to get the firsthand experiences from the Howard University College of Pharmacy students regarding their experiential experiences.

Featured Article

Student Testimonial: Dr. David Emaikwu, PharmD - Class of 2022

My time at Howard University was a mixed bag of emotions and experiences. There were moments of triumph such as receiving grants that I automatically qualified for and the harder moments such as my Spring 2020 semester when I was unable to register for courses for several weeks because of financial aid delays. The professors were some of my favorite aspects of the program. Beyond didactic interactions, they were mentors outside of the lecture halls. My experiential rotations were also variable, but mostly positive. Read the Article

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APPE Testimonial: Dr. Fatoumata Bayo, Pharm.D. - Class of 2021

Moving to the District of Columbia and starting pharmacy school at The Howard University was definitely something I was nervous about! This was the first time that I was going to be away from home for an extended period of time without having my family close by, so you can imagine why I was nervous. Read the Article

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Graduate Testimonial: Dr. Nneka Okafor, Pharm.D. - Class of 2021

As my journey in pharmacy school comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on the pivotal four years I had the privilege to spend at Howard University. This period of self-reflection has uncovered how my matriculation throughout pharmacy school has been nothing short of an amazing transformation for my professional growth. As I prepare to transition into a new stage in my career, I can confidently state that because of HUCOP, I am fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to continue to rise and impact my community through excellence and truth in service. Read the Article

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College of Pharmacy Student Testimonial: Kuang-Heng (Jason) Hsiao - Class of 2023

I have learned so much during my IPPE I rotation with Dr. Cyprian Sabah at Dupont Circle Pharmacy. Being an independent pharmacy, I got to see deeper into what it is like to run your own pharmacy business, as well as the pros and cons associated with being an independent pharmacy. Read the Article

Featured Article

Student Testimonial: Suzanne Mpacko - Class of 2024

In reflection on my experience at Howard University Hospital for my IPPE II rotation, I have gained timeless knowledge on the pursuit of my career as a pharmacist. Being a three-year experienced pharmacy tech/intern at CVS pharmacy, I had never been pushed outside of my comfort zone to see a different aspect of pharmacy. My IPPE rotation allowed me to see the similarities and differences in the two work settings. My preceptor being clinical pharmacist in the research unit at HUH helped me broaden my horizons as to what the role and duties of a clinical pharmacist is. Read the Article

Featured Article

Student Testimonial: Secret Wagner - Class of 2024

On day one of my rotation at the CVS embedded in Target, I was expecting minor computer work and training to take me through the day. Little did I know, I would be jumping in headfirst with my preceptor, Barbara, and the rest of the team. The next words I heard set the tone for the duration of my rotation. Mrs. Barbara simply stated, “well, the only way to learn is to be hands on so, let’s get right into it!” This was an overwhelming moment as it was my very first experience working in a pharmacy. Read the Article